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Antique dealers can buy and sell all kinds of antiques and valuable items.

Antique dealers can buy and sell all kinds of antiques and valuable items.

Antikacım experts work with great skill in determining the cost of items’ belongings. Accurate analysis of the periods and individuals to which the products belong also determines the cost. However, this is not the only criterion. The balance of supply and demand is another factor affecting the value of antiques. Therefore, more or less interesting antique products stand out.

Which Antiques Are Sold in Antikacım?

The most frequently searched items for people buying antiques are antique watches, antique pearlescent furniture, ceramic pieces, old historic rugs, hand-woven antique carpets, manuscript books, postcards, old soldier clothes, antique medals and insignia, stone record plaques, antique radio, old comics and magazines, antiques swords and wedges.

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What is the Most Special Product that Antikacım Has Ever Sold?

The most special antique products sold are usually stone record plaques in Antikacım. Especially working products are still attracted by many people today. Even after years, the fashion of the records never goes out in the antique sector.

What is the Most Expensive Product Antikacım Has Ever Sold?

The most expensive antiques ever sold in Antikacım are Thomas Ferdinand Walker with 7500 TL preliminary price. The product was generally clean and well maintained. This device is a recorder used to determine the distance traveled and hence the speed of the ship. Made of brass with ceramic dial. The base scale is between 0 and 100 miles and has two inner dials marked between 0 and 1000 miles and 0 to 1 mil.

Thomas Ferdinand Walker (1837–1921) first patented the Cherub diary in 1878 (no. 4369). It was one of the first records in which the recorder was placed on the ship rather than as part of the rotor. The Cherub Mark III series proved to be very successful and was produced in large numbers between 1930 and 1994.

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